A Chinese spot in Madrid

We have created a relaxing Chinese ambiance, taking care of every detail. We want you to feel as transported to China seating in our salons, as if you were in a nice restaurant in Shanghai or in a small hotel of Sichuan. 

All the elements, colors and spaces are designed to make you remember the beatuy of China 



Casa Lafu has two big salons, in two levels, and two reserved salons for 8 persons. We have a terrace in the Gran Via where you can taste one of our delicous teas. 

We have chosen a comfortable furniture, big seats, large tables where you can enjoy your food slowly. The tables have a kitchen to prepare the huo-guo. Dishes and glasses have been brought from China- 

Pictures on the walls have been painted by young painters of the Shanghai Fine Arts School. 


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  • Salones e Instalaciones

    Restaurante Casa Lafu

  • Horario / 营业时间 / Timetable

    De lunes a jueves de 11:30 a 24:00 (Monday to Thursday)
    De viernes a domingo de 11:30 a 24:30 (Friday to Sunday)

    周一至周四:11:30 - 24:00
     周五至周日: 11:30 - 24:30

  • Dirección / 地址 / Address

    Calle Flor Baja, 1 
    28013 MADRID
    junto a la Gran Vía 61 / Gran Via 61大街转弯就到

    订座热线 Teléfono de Reserva: 91 548 70 96 - 679727345